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BRAZILIAN & CHILEAN Customers : Please Add your CPF Number (Brazil) or RUT Number (Chile) to your Orders

Order Tracking

If you didn't receive the order confirmation or shipping confirmation email, PLEASE CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER.


-Click on the tracking number(s) at the bottom to open the main tracking page and please ignore the estimated delivery date

-Do not put that tracking number now in USPS, Royal Mail, AU Post or other similar national postal services websites in your country as they will not show anything before the items arrive in your country.

-Do not track on for the same reason above, just use the main tracking link that comes with the email

-So, for example ‘USPS awaiting item’ doesn't mean it's not been shipped, it means USPS is waiting for it to arrive in US. This could be Royal Mail, Poste Italiane or other national postal service, they will say the same thing.

-After the items arrive in your country there will be a ‘latest tracking number’ for some orders (for some, the first tracking number will continue), as well as info about the name of the local delivery company. Use that latest tracking number to track with your local or national postal service or delivery company noted on the tracking page.

-There will not be other shipping update emails, so please just follow the main tracking page.

-In case you have doubts or worry about your package, please first contact us instead of panicking and starting a chargeback, we’ll always find the best solution to make you happy. You can reach us 24/7 via email at or the contact form under the Customer Support menu.